About Us

Solar Power is Everyone’s Power

We get a lot of sun down in Southern Alberta, truth be told, we’re ranked 6th in the world for most sunny days per year. It’s about time we start embracing this fact. For a long time we’ve relied on the tried and true, traditional methods of creating power. But we are Canadians, and that means innovation and utilising every bit of what is around us – including our warm and abundant sunshine.

Solarwind Renewable Energy began both as a business opportunity to tap into a massive viable market for this specific renewable resource that is so bountiful in Southern Alberta and out of a desire to keep pushing Alberta towards a better, greener future. Solarwind Renewable Energy is passionate about the environment and we believe that solar energy will become one of the largest, if not the primary source of energy for this part of the province. After all, oil and gas will not always hold the market. Solarwind is poised and ready to take advantage of every opportunity and to push toward the future, ready to provide a new, cleaner and better solution for energy – green energy.

Alberta is moving towards a green future with new incentives constantly coming into existence to spur residents and companies on to making Alberta’s future sustainable. Make sure you’re ready for this future and prepared to capitalize on all the advantages solar power can bring, as well as give yourself a pat on the back for moving towards a more eco-friendly progression for this province.

Rooted in Alberta

Solarwind Renewable Energy has strong pillars supporting its growth as a company. Terry Britton has operated an electrical company since 2001, and with over 15 years of experience he has continued to grow with the demand. And today, that demand is for better energy and better and greener solutions for Southern Alberta. The roots of this top electrical company sets Solarwind Renewable Energy apart from the new pop-ups jumping on the clean energy bandwagon. We have a well-rounded staff of project managers, communications experts, and top-notch electricians that are ready to fill in where other electrician skillsets are required. So you’re never left in the lurch by a new company with no experience beyond solar power.

Solarwind is here to create a greener Alberta, to chauffeur you into a better, more eco-friendly home, one which will, furthermore, put more dollars into your pocket. Not only will solar power reduce your ecological footprint, but it will create a desirable return on your financial investment. Solar energy is clean, quiet and best of all, will lower the cost of your electricity bill.

Safety And Reliability

Safety is a top priority and we have all certifications needed for the work we do. We are a member of ISNetworld which is an online contractor management database, ensuring the rigorous internal and governmental record keeping and complaisance requirements. Our Safety Procedures and Safety Requirements are to the highest standard and are COR certified, meaning our health and safety management is the very best that Alberta requires.

COR Certified ISNet CertifiedCanSIA Member Solar Energy Society Of Alberta Member

How Much Does It Cost?

Helping to reduce our ecological footprint is important, but it also needs to be affordable. We can‘t save the planet if we are killing ourselves to do it, namely, emptying our bank accounts. There is a wide range of factors that influence the cost of a solar installation, and every install is different. Contact us today for a free site visit so we can help you determine if solar is a viable energy savings alternative for you!